Follow Me

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.
 (1 Corinthians 11:1)
I've found that when you want to do something, it's best with people, but also best not to wait around for those people. This applies heavily to skating and surfing, particularly in your 30s.
I'm notoriously bad about planning a little surf excursion and then inviting everyone I know to join. What ends up happening is I stress over organizing times, places, carpools and board-borrowing, which leaves little time for enjoying surfing. Sometimes a simple trip with a couple friends is all you need for a good time, and honestly, my best sessions are like that.
However, sometimes you invite all your friends and no one wants to join, or everyone is too busy, or it's cold and the waves are bad. In these cases, it's easy to call it a day and play surf video games instead. But too much of that, and you've lost all the surf-muscles you've built up, and before you know it you weigh fifteen pounds heavier and have watched the entire series of Home Improvement. No good. There are times you just have to pave your own path, surf alone and enjoy it for what it is. Who knows...maybe you'll meet a new surf friend out on the water that also enjoys tiny surf and cold mornings.
I'm sweating as I write this because I just went skating at 9PM by myself at the old middle school I grew up skating. Had I waited for a like-minded friend to join, I would have likely fallen asleep early after a particularly busy day of work, the carbohydrates from my dinner and dessert freely bloating inside. Instead, I went out and started working on a new trick! I don't think 30 qualifies as an "old dog" in the real world, but in skateboarding, I'm semi-retired; and this "old dog" is still learning new tricks. So follow me if you can, and let's shred into the night!
That would have been a good ending to this blog, but I wanted to tie this concept in spiritually: this same principle applies to our faith. There is no need to wait for someone else to "help me" get spiritual or bring me closer to God. I can do that right now with the help of the Holy Spirit. Now don't get me wrong -- I believe firmly in our need to grow in our faith as a community and in no way endorse "Lone Wolf Christianity." That verse in 1 Corinthians above requires a leader and a follower, I'm just saying sometimes you are might be the leader. Don't be timid about it, and if God is there, press on! Shred