The Light EP - "More Beautiful"

Here is the second post in conjunction with my album release: track number two, "More Beautiful." In college I had dated a girl for about three years. We had a lot of ups and downs (to put it lightly), and out of that came several songs. Still, I kept trying to write a song about her, and not just about what we were going through. I had a lot of starts and pieces, but nothing ever came together.

A few months after we broke up, I met the woman who would later become my wife. We met at Awendaw Green, at their first ever Rocktoberfest, where my band Campfield was playing. Truthfully, I didn't really want to go to the show. I had some other friends (including a girl I was interested in) that usually came to our shows who weren't going to make it; plus it had been raining all day and this was a two-day camping festival. I drove up with a negative attitude, planning to play our show and then go home.

But then I was introduced to Katie, a friend of a friend of the lead singer. I made some assumptions about her based on where we went to college, and didn't really give her much thought -- I actually wasn't looking for a girlfriend, but was trying to focus on my "career" as a filmmaker (funny how we meet the right person when we aren't even looking). Later, however, we found ourselves by a campfire and hit it off quickly. She had just been to California to visit her brother and I was now dreaming of moving out West the following year. Our conversation got me to stay for day two of the festival, where we had a bunch more fun, saw some awesome bands and chopped sticks in half with fake karate. (The whole story is documented in another song, "See That Light Shine.")

A weird exposure of Campfield at Rocktoberfest.

Chris in action.
As the festival ended, I made sure to get her number so we could go "building climbing," which was something I was into at the time (I knew how to get onto some rooftops in downtown Charleston). Really I just wanted a reason to see her again! It didn't take too long before we were dating, and a couple months later this song just spilled onto the page. Those are really the best songs to write, which is one of the many reasons I knew this girl was special. Eleven years later and we're still together! (Never underestimate the power of a song.)

Here is "More Beautiful" from the album, featuring a rad guitar lick that Mike Christie wrote years ago. I play this song live often, which you can see here.

Lately I've been noticing the leaves And how they look so green I'm starting to think That maybe you're to blame And how the sky it looks so blue Could it be that you Simply make my world More beautiful? And I know you make my world More beautiful And I see every day you are So beautiful And you turn even stormy skies More beautiful And I thank God for making you More beautiful for me Lately, I've been noticing the stars Have been falling like my heart I think that they're trying To get closer to you So pick up all the pieces that you find Take the ones that are mine Add my heart to yours And we'll be beautiful Even though I know alone you are So beautiful I think, together we could be More beautiful And I would go as far to say That we could change the world Because I know it's rare to find Someone as beautiful as you