Featured on Cortney Matz's "12 Days of Christmas"

I've written before that this most recent move back to Los Angeles (yes, we move way too often) has been very special to me, because it's been the most musically charged. Almost all of that has been because of Cortney Matz and the Monday night songwriters group that she hosts at Epiphany Space in Hollywood. The group has been going strong for several years now, and out of it a beautiful community has emerged.

Doing something creative (particularly trying to do it for a living) can sometimes breed competition. When one finds success, it often brings about a closed-fisted response, keeping the piece of the pie he or she managed to get with no intention to share. When that unfortunately happens, how can a loving, supportive community emerge out of such a mindset? It doesn't! And such is a big problem in pursuing creative positions professionally, particularly in Los Angeles.

At Epiphany Space however, this reality is so far from the truth! I've never seen such a supportive group of creatives working together and celebrating each other as we all push forward towards a common goal. And this has been best experienced by me through Cortney's songwriters group. Literally none of the shows I've played this year would have happened without this group, as well as multiple collaborations I've experienced (and continue to experience) with friends on projects that may soar far beyond anything we could have done on our own.

I got to co-write the music for this musical with Ben Boquist and Brandon Craw, both regular attenders of Cortney's (who helped perform the musical with us) songwriter group.

And to continue her support of her friends, Cortney has decided to feature twelve of them during the holiday season with her own mailing list, offering discounts and freebies in honor of her favorite Christmas song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Though that may be one of my least favorite Christmas songs, I'm honored to be featured on December 30th (which happens to be my last show of the year)!

So please check out her mailing list here to sign up! She also released a Christmas album this year, which you can find here. We play in a band together called Channel4, which you can see here performing one of Cortney's songs, "Sunglasses."

If you subscribe to her mailing list, you'll get a discount code for merchandise on my Bandcamp site, as well as a free download of "Money Ain't Nothin'!" You'll also stay up to date on all of her happenings as a musician, and you'll be glad you did! She's a great performer and person!