Featured in the Epiphany Space Subscription Box

When Katie, the girls and I moved back to Los Angeles back in 2018, I never expected to discover the strong musical community that I did. Thanks to my long-time friend and collaborator Ben Boquist, I was invited to a weekly songwriters group hosted by the talented Cortney Matz at the Hollywood co-working location, Epiphany Space. I was a little nervous to share that first night (which happened to be an open mic with a very kooky featured artist doing some sort of beachy Jim Morrison style of performing), but wanting to be bold with music upon arrival in LA, I jumped right in. The warmth and appreciation that that group presented to a stranger was wonderful.

As the weeks and months went on, I became more and more involved in the group. Quickly I learned that if I didn't come with something progressive (to me, at least), then I wouldn't get much of a reaction from the group, and so I worked hard to have a new song every week. Over time, I developed a larger repertoire, and my voice became stronger as my sense of performance grew.

The Prospectors performing at Epiphany Space, a folk duo started by Tim Langeloh (another faithful Epiphany Space member) and myself.

Because of that group, I played my first solo slot ever, which led to a subsequent goal of one show per month for a year (I did it!). Most of those shows came from connections to this group, and I was privileged to perform alongside many of them for much of it, like this show here:

Eventually, I was invited to play percussion with Cortney and Ben's band, Channel 4, and also co-wrote a musical with Ben and the other Channel 4 member, Brandon Craw. Overall, it's been a huge two-years of growth, and I am so grateful to Ben, Cortney and Epiphany Space for hosting such a group.

Last year, Epiphany started a quarterly subscription box, and I'm honored to say I've been invited to contribute The Light EP to their current production. When you subscribe, you'll get my album, as well as products from two other artists, both part of the Epiphany Space community. Continue subscribing and your next box will arrive in September featuring more products from more artists. It's really a great idea and I'm very excited to be part of it.

Please check it out here and subscribe! And if you're in the LA area, or passing through, please check out Epiphany Space! Not just a place to work, it's a community that is less about the product you create and more about the family you become part of.


UPDATE - 4/25/20
I got to play a fun open mic in celebration of this box! Check it out here: