Broken Arm Ballad

If you look back at the history of, you'll see a whole host of ideas and thoughts, ranging from personal stories to practical surfing advice, tips on fatherhood, spiritual insights and music updates. But one thing I've always wanted to share on it is ideas important to me that are hopefully encouraging to you. So here's a recent story with a fresh insight that I felt worthy of sharing.

About seven years ago, I broke my arm skateboarding. It was my first broken bone from skateboarding (confirmed anyway...I'm pretty sure I had a fractured foot from trying to kickflip off a sign too many times back in high school). You can see the video of it happening at 0:37 below (as well as catch an early version of "Your Light"):

At the time, I was hanging out with my friend Brian, a fellow skater, surfer, father and youth pastor. He is a man of great faith and has been there for me many times, not to mention a fun dude to hang out with. Anyway, I specifically remember driving down Highway 17 into West Ashley with my injured arm and thinking, I'm just going to pray for this thing like Brian would. So I prayed for healing, maybe with the most faith I ever had.

I'm happy to report that it worked! That arm healed amazingly quickly. "You heal like a fifteen-year-old," I remember the orthopedic doctor telling me, which was quite the compliment for someone twice that age. The experience stuck with me and so whenever I'm praying for something like that, the memory of "praying like Brian" always pops up.

Broken arm #2...

...happened on my first run here.

Well, here I am seven years later with another broken arm, this time my right arm, but again from a skateboard accident. If you follow my social media, you may have caught this video I recorded in the early stages of my recovery:

So, again I prayed with faith, and just this week the doctor (a different one this time) told me how quickly I've been healing! It's amazing and I wanted to share this little story of God's faithfulness to you. He still heals!

"and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them." (Matthew 15:30b)