Irritation Iration

I have been very irritable with the girls lately, and asking God why it is happening. As far as I can reckon, it is a mixture of not getting enough rest and dealing with the same problems over and over again, day after day. Oh yeah, and this stupid poison ivy! I don't mean to keep writing about it, but this ivy has taken over my life! I can't touch the girls without fear of spreading it to them. It's painful and a constant irritation. I really wouldn't wish this on anyone, and as I mentioned in the first ivy post, I can't imagine a lifelong illness like this.

Anyway, I doubt this is the only reason I have been short with the girls. I remember working at a high school and about a few weeks after spring break most of the teachers were pretty checked out, along with the students. It then became a collective rally to finish the year strong, which most did; but I can totally understand why. I think I may be hitting my post-spring break slump as a parent, and I'm not sure what to do about it...

As I am writing this I had to stop to reprimand Waverly for making a big mess out of her lunch. As I told her she was going to clean it up, she started walking away. I unleashed the power of my Dad-voice: a seldom-heard boom that stops cold the hearts of children. However, this voice has been showing up more and more lately, which makes me feel like I'm reaching my wits end.

I just told the girls to go in their room because I need a break. "You're not in trouble." I said, "But I and getting upset with you and that's not what I want to do, so clearly I need a break." And I shut the the door. I doubt they understand it, or ever will until they have their own kids, but I had to do something! I guess these little quiet moments are supposed to get me by until I can find some solace on the seashore, or maybe even just some TV time later this evening.

When I think about it, the word "iration" keeps coming to mind, which I learned is not actually a word but a reggae band. Hey, maybe chilling to some reggae is the answer!